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Doing an Internship

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You are a student at the University of Orléans, and you must do a compulsory internship during your studies? Did you think about doing it abroad?

An enriching personal experience and a considerable asset for your future professional integration, an internship abroad is an undeniable plus on your resume. So stop hesitating!


1.    Internship Abroad

What to do?


The internship service or the International Relations Office of your college. They will be your point of contact to:

  • Make available a collection of documents (internship reports from previous classes, etc…)
  • Help you establish the educational file and the request for financial support.

The Professional Guidance and Integration Department (DOIP) to:

  • Obtain advice on targeting companies
  • Help you write your resume and motivation letters
  • Help you prepare your internship interview

Where to go?

China, Argentina, Italy, United-States, Brazil… Companies and businesses are ready to welcome you all around the world. Don’t wait any longer!

No Financial support

Even if you do not wish to ask for any financial support, you will have to register your internship by accessing the Registration and Financing Portal and fill the required online forms.

Financial support

To help you finance your internship, you can benefit from financial support depending on your profile.
You can make your financial support request on the page Financial aid.
Please read carefully all the information there as well as the Guide for Requesting Financial Aid and to retrieve all necessary documents on the webpage.


2.    Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs – Internship within an Embassy or a Cultural Service

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs offers the possibility to carry out an internship in a central administration (in Paris or Nantes) or an internship abroad for students who are registered in a training course delivering a diploma recognised by the State within a French higher education institution. 

For more information, visit the Ministry’s website.

3.    France Education International – Language Assistant Programme

If you are a student between a 3rd year of bachelor’s degree and a 2nd year of master’s degree in languages or an IUT student in tertiary section, you can apply for language assistant position abroad within the framework of France Education International during 8 to 9 months. 


For more information, visit the France Education International website.