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Student Associative Life

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Student Community Life

You will find the right one for you among the hundred associations of the university. Otherwise, we will help you create your own!

Creating a Student Association


Jardin ouvert permaculturel près du Bouillon - associations étudiantes campus Ecolo et Tribu Terre - campus de La Source - juin 2019


1 - How to create your association?

To create an association, there are three essential conditions:
- being at least two persons;

The Charter of Student Associations

Vue nocturne de l'extérieur du Bouillon


The purpose of this charter is to contribute to the development of community life, while respecting public order and the principle of neutrality of

Declaring Associative Events

Fill in the form below so that the Health and Safety Department can decide, in agreement with the President of the University, whether or not

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