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Collecting Your Diploma

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Here you will find all the information on how to collect your diploma. 

How to Collect Your Diploma

Obtained after 1997

Diplomas obtained from 1997 are available within 6 months after the announcement of the results at your registrar’s office.

To collect them, you must go to your registrar’s office with your ID card or your passport.

If you cannot move on site, you can request your diploma to be sent to you using the form below:

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Obtained before 1997

The Department of Studies and Full Time Education publishes diplomas obtained before 1997 on request. To ask for your diploma, please contact the appropriate department below:

Students’ House – Diplomas Office


Humanities and Social Sciences, INSPE, Bourges IUT and Indre IUT: 02 38 41 71 83

Law, Economics and Management, OSUC, Chartres IUT: 02 38 41 70 81

Sciences and Technologies, Orléans IUT, Polytech: 02 38 41 71 99


If you never collected your diploma, you can send a request via email at with the form below:

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Asking for a duplicate

To obtain a carbon copy of your diploma, you must send a request by post using the downloadable form below:

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Duplicates will be available within 3 months upon receipt of the request.