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Construction Work on the Orléans Campus

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Within the framework of the Recovery Plan (France Relance) and of the State-Region Contract Plan (CPER), several construction sites are underway and will not be finished until 2025. 

It is recommended to be cautious and respectful of security measures around these sites, since they can be disturbed by the presence of heavy plant machinery. We invite you to choose soft mobility or a collective transport solution if you have to travel near these sites.

Parking areas located on campus are public and open to all staff members and students, regardless of their structure.


See below an overview of the various construction sites and their consequences on mobility:


Footbridge over the lake

The new footbridge was placed on February 14th, and is currently being finalized.

A diagnosis of the watertightness was performed, and certain areas were reworked.

Work is also planned on the valves that control drainage.

About lake refilling: Initially, the lake will be refilled by rainfall.

Depending on the water level, the possibility of filling the lake by external means will be studied (subject to prefectoral authorization).

As soon as conditions are optimal, it is planned to install aquatic plants and re-stock the lake with fish, in collaboration with University sustainable development projects.

Travaux passerelle Lac
Travaux passerelle Lac 2
Travaux passerelle Lac 3


Travaux passerelle Lac 4
Travaux passerelle Lac 5
Travaux passerelle Lac 6


From mid-2022 to end of 2024/2025

Creation of a central kitchen behind the Lac restaurant and renovation of the university restaurants

Impacted areas ► The parking area dedicated to the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management (UFR DEG) located behind the Lac restaurant, the parking area located in front of the Students’ House, the parking area located rue de St Armand behind the Polytech Engineering School (Vinci site), and the parking area behind the Science Library.

From early 2023 to end of 2024

New Sports Hall, rue de Vendôme

Impacted area ► The Sports Hall parking area


Plan travaux campus orléans

The University of Orléans benefits from the French Government's recovery plan (France Relance).

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