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Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC)

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The Student Life and Campus Contribution helps to improve the living conditions of students on the campuses and to favour academic success.


A live concert during a student music contest at the Bouillon, the Cultural Centre of the University of Orléans. 


The Law for “Guidance and Success of Students” implemented the CVEC (Student Life and Campus Contribution) in March 2018.  

This mandatory contribution aims at “favouring the welcome and the social, sanitary, cultural and sportive support of students and to strengthen the preventive and educational actions for student health” (article L. 841-5 of the Education Code). This contribution is mandatory to be able to register at the university

The use of CVEC funds is organised within the framework of calls for projects that are paced by a schedule managed by the CVEC committee, whose role is to study the propositions and to statute on their possible achievement. This committee is composed of 24 members from staff members and students of the University of Orléans.

By improving the living conditions on campus, the CVEC favours student success through the funding of calls for projects of:

Health solidarity: Implementation of automatic distributors for free sanitary protections in the various campuses, prevention consultations with a midwife, appointments with a nutritionist...

Culture: Themed artist residences (glass, photo...), cinema screenings, concerts, artistic challenges...

Student life: Happy Campus Day, campus by bike, aid for a laptop purchase, computer loans...

Sports: fitness trail, implementation of sports practice slots for all students...

The Calls For Projects:


They are formalised by a schedule updated each year, and by the provision of project forms in accordance with the CVEC elegibility criteria.

  • 27 June 2023 Communication of the call for projects
  • 15 September 2023 Deadline for the submission of applications
  • 22 September 2023 CVEC technical committee
  • 26 September 2023 CVEC Committee



Eligibility criteria of a CVEC project: 

  • A project that aims to improve the quality of life of students on campus;

  • A project submitted by academic divisions or services;
  • A student can submit a project if the latter is co-carried by an academic division or a service;
  • The project must take place within the framework of at least one of the CVEC areas: health / sport / culture / student life (reception);
  • Can be a multi-year ambitious project 

Criteria encouraged by the commission for the choice of validated projects:

  • Being in agreement with the axes and themes of the CVEC;
  • Creating a cross-disciplinary project that mobilises various fields;
  • A significant number of beneficiary students;
  • The innovative character of the project;
  • The presentation of a detailed file with a quotation and reverse schedule / precision of the projected budget;
  • The integration of delocalised sites. 

Exclusion criteria are the following:

  • Project linked to a training course or research model for laboratories;
  • Project of a leisure trip;
  • Project already carried out on the submission date;
  • Incomplete project form / submitted after the dedaline or being meant for a small number of students.

After the commission, project carriers receive within a week an email precising if their project was validated or not.


Since the implementation of the CVEC, the registration to the various sportive activities of the SUAPSE and to shows at the Bouillon are free for all students of the UO.

The University also subsidised 53 student community projects during the university year 2021-2022 for a total amount of 135,670€ thanks to the CVEC collection.

Likewise, to face the consequences of the health crisis, the University allocated 138,900€ to facilitate the acquisition of laptop computers (campaigns of November 2020 and April 2021) and almost 100,000€ worth of food vouchers were distributed for students undergoing financial difficulties.

The CVEC also helped to creat the AIDE (Individual Support for Students) Office on the La Source campus. The AIDE Office is open to all students undergoing social, medical, psychological or academic difficulties.

Finally, the CVEC contributes to the multi-year reforestation and flowering plan of the campuses as well as to the installation of many outdoor tables for students. 

The CVEC Commission of the University ensures the programme and follow up of actions regarding student life in social, sanitary, cultural and sportive aspects. The assessment and programming of actions financed by the CVEC are introduced annually in front of the Central Councils of the University. 


Practical questions regarding the CVEC:

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