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Sanitary Protections

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In solidarity with its students, the University of Orléans is trying out, from January 2023, the distribution of free sanitary products made of organic cotton and GOTS certified.


Orléans Campus

  • College of Law (DEG), in the sanitary facilities of the Atrium
  • IUT d'Orléans, in the main hall GEA-GMP
  • INSPE Bourgogne, in the women's sanitary facilities on the ground floor next to the reception
  • OSUC on the ground floor, in the double-door entrance between men and women sanitary facilities
  • Polytech Orléans Vinci, in the main hall in the entrance of women’s sanitary facilities;
  • STAPS Orléans, in the main building’s hall, inside the women’s sanitary facilities;
  • EUK CVL, on the ground floor in the women's sanitary facilities of the Michel Royer building


  • University Library of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences (BU LLSH), in the hall down the stairs leading to the sanitary facilities;
  • University Library of Sciences, Technology, Sports (BU ST), in the sanitary facilities in the main hall, near the conviviality corner;
  • University Library of Law, Economics, Management, in the hall, down the stairs leading to the sanitary facilities;
  • Le Lac Restaurant, in the women’s sanitary facilities in the hall;
  • In the student residences’ launderettes.


Dowload the localisation map for automatic distributors on the Orléans campus

Chartres Campus

  • Chartres IUT, building A, ground floor sanitary facilities
  • In the launderette and stairwell (1st floor) of the Toussaint Desanti residence;
  • In the bike shelter of the Jean-Zay residence.

Bourges Campus

  • Bourges IUT, in the sanitary facilities of the Moreux building.

Indre IUT, Châteauroux Campus

  • Châteauroux IUT, in the women’s sanitary facilities in the GEA area;
  • CES (Centre for Higher Studies), in the sanitary facilities next to the Gisèle Halimi room
  • Launderette and hall of the university residence.


  • In the launderettes and in the hall of the common room in the Rocheron residence


If you notice a fault in the supply of one of the automatic distributors, do not hesitate to report it by filling out the form below (in French). This will help us make up for this shortage as soon as possible.

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