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Health Relay Students (ERS)

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Health Relay Students (ERS) are students recruited each year by the University Health Service (SSU) and who participate in health promotion among their peers.

They are part of the SSU team and are here in backup to help create a link between health professionals and students of the University of Orléans and its various branches.

Who Are We?

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Our Missions

ERS are all students of the University of Orléans. They participate to prevention for students through projects. They can come to meet you while animating activities (stands, workshops…) that help speaking openly and facilitating discussions. 

ERS are trained by professionals of the SSU and of partner organisms, which allows them to intervene on different themes such as high-risk behaviour during parties, nutrition, sexuality, etc.

Thanks to their student status, their availability and their ability to discuss easily with other students, ERS have a real role to play in providing information and guidance concerning health issues, but also in being a link between health and social professionals of the SSU and students.

ERS Recruitment

The SSU recruits each year an ERS team on the Orléans and Bourges campuses. 

ERS have a contract with the University. Health prevention trainings are mandatory and are integrated into activity hours. 

More information in the job description.