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Individual Support for Students (AIDE)

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The University of Orléans offers AIDE, a new support system for its students.

AIDE, for "Accompagnement Individuel Des Etudiants", is a reception area, located between the lecture halls of the Sciences College, near the tramway station "Parc Floral", open to all students who encounter difficulties.

The AIDE coordinator will provide information on all the assistance available to students at the university, as well as a welcome and individualized follow-up for a global consideration of their problems, whether they are social, medical or psychological.

He will be able to intervene in emergencies and direct each student to the right people for their problems of isolation, housing, food, computer equipment, jobs, etc., in order to complete and reinforce the actions already implemented by the CROUS and the Students' House (Maison de l'Etudiant).

The main social players (CROUS, CPAM, CCAS, prefecture, local missions, associations, etc.) will also be present on a regular basis to answer questions, and to facilitate and support each student in all of their administrative procedures.

This new system will work in collaboration with the many initiatives aimed at students, including those of the Centre-Val de Loire Region with the implementation of student referents in all the CRIJs (Regional Youth Information Centres), which will relay information in all the cities in the region where the University of Orléans is present (Bourges, Chartres, Châteauroux, Issoudun, Blois).

You can find our opening hours and our animations by logging on the AIDE office calendar

How to find us:

AIDE counter, Science lecture halls, near the Parc Floral tramway station

How to contact us:

02 38 49 43 02 and 06 28 93 69 80 

Since the beginning of September 2022, the AIDE has renewed its programme implemented since 23 November 2021 to help students in their job research: the “Job Tuesdays”. All Tuesdays, between 1pm and 5pm, the student points of contact of the CRIJ will guide you in your job research. Job datings are also organised once a month.

AIDE also includes Ôpe, the platform for student patronage, and O’SEM, the student support association that started food distributions.

On 28 April 2021, the government implemented the 1jeune1solution programme to make young people’s lives and administrative procedures easier.

Thanks to this aid simulator, it is very simple: in only 5 minutes, answer the questions and discover all the aid you can get depending on your situation.

Culture, employment, housing, health, driving licence… All aid is now one click away!

You can also find local aid in the “Click and Help students” section of the CRIJ: CRIJ Centre-Val de Loire (