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Happy Campus Day!

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On 22 September 2022, the University of Orléans welcomes students and offers them to participate to Happy Campus Day.

Every year, the month of September is the opportunity for the University to welcome new students on its various campuses.

Location: In front of the Students’ House (Maison de l’Étudiant), rue de Saint Amand, in Orléans-la Source. 

Hours: 12am-5pm.

On the programme, numerous activities planned by the University of Orléans and its partner, the CROUS of Orléans-Tours.

In Orléans, free live concerts will keep coming on the Centre-Val de Loire region’s catwalk, with:

  • Univers'Music
    Concert with musicians members of the Univers’Music student association in Orléans.
  • Orléans BeatBox
    “Street show” and beatbox demonstrations.
  • Jane & les Autres
    Through her introspective texts, the Tours-born “Jane et Les Autres” likes to surf between various musical genres: R&B first, but one can also perceive some reggae and hip-hop inspirations.
  • Föze
    Laureate of the Pulsations 2021 contest by the CROUS, Föze composes indie-pop songs with alternative rock and electronic music influences in which they mix some psychedelic synthesizers, classical guitars, and a staggered rhythm to a deep and soft voice.
  • Ombrage
    A newcomer from Orléans, Ombrage is a young French rock band, winner of the 2021 edition of the Bouillon'Up. Their poetic lyrics, written mainly in French and set to a raw and sincere music, are a way for them to express themselves and share their emotions, their rage and their desires.
  • Ceremony in honour of top sportsmen and women (1pm)
    Happy Campus day is also the opportunity for Mr Eric Blond, President of the University of Orléans, to distinguish the student medallists in university sports.

From 10am to 5pm, at the same time than Happy Campus Day, the University Libraries organise a book sellout at the University Library of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences.

HCD car podium en arrière plan

Happy Campus Day is also the opportunity for students to meet the numerous student associations and discover the university services available to them. The following will be present:


  • ESN Orléans (Erasmus Student Network)
  • UNEF Orléans
  • Campus Ecolo
  • Univers Music
  • Ôcampus
  • UEC Orléans
  • Bath'Art
  • Radio Campus Orléans
  • FEM - Féministe Étudiant.e Militant.e
  • UNI

University and Partner Services

  • University Health Service (SSU)
  • AIDE Desk
  • Disability Support Services (Passerelle Handicap)
  • CPAM (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie)
  • Sports
  • Language Centre
  • We Lab Cosmetic
  • Campus à vélo
  • Student Support Services (PAON, Professional Guidance and Integration)
  • International Relations
  • FabLab
  • MGEN
  • Road safety with local police services
  • Macif
  • Keolis
  • Regional Youth Information Centre (CRIJ)

Crous Orléans-Tours

  • Beatbox at the Bistrot from 12am and then on stage with audience participation
  • Discover the Loire Marine
  • Animations on sustainable development
  • Giant playful construction
  • Graffitti performance by Jean-Michel Ouvry for Sacrebleu
  • Wood board games available for all
  • Concert of the 2021 Pulsations cojntest laureate, Föze, at the Bouillon in the evening
  • Retro gaming in the Cone (Radio Campus)

Happy campus Day is a campus party!

It also takes place in Chartres on 22 September and Châteauroux on 29 September.