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SUAPSE Booklet and Activities

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List of Activities Offered by the SUAPSE

You will find in the SUAPSE booklet all the activities available to students and staff of the University, in Orléans as well as in the branches of Bourges, Chartres, Issoudun and Châteauroux.

You will also find the different time schedules, the places of practice as well as the teachers giving the courses. 

This page also provides you with an overview of the activities in which you will be able to thrive thanks to SUAPSE :


Athlètes sur une ligne de départ


The SUAPSE offers several athletics sessions per week for all levels, ranging from discovering the different activities that make athletics so diverse and exciting to perfecting a particular discipline leading eventually to university competitions.

Joueurs de basketball marquant un panier devant un coucher de soleil

Team sports:

Numerous team sports are available all year round, from the classics such as soccer, rugby or basketball to the less common sports such as floorball or touch rugby, you are guaranteed to find the activity that suits you to let off steam, share and rediscover the characteristic values of team sports such as mutual aid, solidarity, teamwork and equality.

Homme nageant sous l'eau dans une piscine

Aquatic Activities:

Aquatic activities are among the most beneficial activities for health. The resistance of the water intensifies the effort while limiting the trauma on the body. Muscles work and are protected as well as the body's joints. Aquatic activities are also excellent for improving your cardio (endurance and breathing in particular). The SUASPE offers several swimming sessions and one swimming with fins session per week, ranging from beginners to advanced groups looking to improve their skills.

Une femme s'exerçant au Yoga devant le soleil

Wellness Activities :

Because taking care of your body and mind is as important as anything else, the SUAPSE Orléans offers several yoga, stretching, relaxation, pilates and stress management classes throughout the year. There is nothing better to relax and relieve tension than these activities based on gentle, deep movements and focused on breathing.

Une personne pratiquant l'équitation sur son cheval

Outdoor Activities :

Sports are not only practiced in a gym or on a fenced-in field! 

SUAPSE Orléans gives you the opportunity to discover or improve your skills in several activities taking place in the open air, in the middle of nature, such as horseback riding, golf, kayaking or canoeing. There is nothing better to escape the city life and take a break. 

Personnes en fauteuil roulant jouant au basket

Parasports : 

The University of Orléans considers access to sports as an essential right for each and every student or staff member. This is why the SUAPSE of Orléans offers a Parasports session so that each person can benefit from access to sport, from surpassing oneself, from conviviality and from sharing.