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Introducing the ASUO

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Introducing the Orléans University Sports Association (ASUO).

The association offers the possibility to all our students, from all fields of study, to represent the University of Orléans through various sporting events.

All students are free to register with us, and to participate in competitions thereafter, under the colors of the University.  

We represent more than ten sports team as well as sixty individual disciplines. We remain open to new proposals, depending on the goodwill of our students! 

The ASUO is also the initiator of the Sports Nights, which take place throughout the year, at the rate of three sports nights per semester, on the University campus. 

This year we are proud to report that our students won eleven French championship titles, seven vice-championships and nine bronze medals. The judo and soccer teams are also qualified for the European Championships! 

Join ASUO, and become the next medalist!