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Rights and Duties

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Your Rights

4-1. Study Adjustments

High-level athletes can benefit from the following accommodations:
- the possibility of building up one's level of study over several years, if necessary, according to the specificities of each College or division of the university;
- priority in the choice of groups for tutorials or practical work when the educational organization allows it;
- priority accommodation in university halls of residence, if necessary, in partnership with the CROUS.

4-2. Exam Accommodations

In the context of exams, high level athletes and those of good level may benefit, if necessary, from special sessions or other arrangements, in consultation with the high level department's representative and the person in charge of schooling in the College concerned, upon presentation of official proof, prior to the test. (official convocation for a national training course or international competitions from the DTN)

Your Duties

5-1. On the Educational Level

- be actively involved in the success of their academic project;
- follow the curriculum defined in the project;
- ask for a retake in case of absence from exams, possibly with the help of the high level department representative;
- respond promptly to any summons from the course director or the high performance department representative, to review the progress of his/her studies;
- anticipate and inform the high performance department's representative of any change that could affect his/her academic success and/or require a revision of his/her schooling contract (change in training load, unforeseen internships, qualification for competitions, injuries).


5-2. In Terms of Sports and Representation

- Respond favorably to the incentive of registration in the sports association of the University and participate in university competitions (FFSU);
- Respond favorably to the request of the President of the University on the occasion of events highlighting the University (demonstration, inauguration, conference ...) insofar as its availability.

The non respect of the above elements can be a reason for radiation or non renewal the following year.