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The status of High Level Sportsperson (SHN) allows athletes to benefit from special rights in the pursuit of their higher education and to combine their studies with their sports career.

The University of Orléans offers the guarantee, to students who wish to do so, to combine STUDIES and high or good level sports practice. This combination is applied according to the guidelines suggested by the memorandum of service n° 2014-071 of 30-04-2014 and the 2022-2024 framework agreement.

The 2022-2023 quota is 145 high or good level athletes. Heterogeneous, this cohort includes athletes from a wide range of sports disciplines and study courses. Student athletes, handball players, swimmers, judokas, etc., who are integrated into study programs such as STAPS, law....

Once affiliated with this program, they agree to abide by a certain number of rules with respect to the university and their club. They then have rights and duties.

The status of SHN student can be obtained after having applied for it, whatever the sport discipline of choice, by right if the athlete is on the ministerial list or based on the criteria of the University of Orléans.

Obtaining this status opens up rights in terms of support (depending on the level of practice, sports and academic objectives) and implies duties for the student.

In terms of sports, the SHN student is encouraged to participate in university competitions in his or her sports discipline in order to represent his or her university at the highest level of competition; he or she enhances the image of the University within the framework of his or her sports practice in general; the SHN student explains, when the opportunity arises, the support system put in place to facilitate his or her dual project The student has the obligation of academic and sports results.

Would you like to obtain the status of high-level sports student and thus join the SHN students of the University of Orléans? Consult the admission requirements and fill out the application form.

1.    Status Level 1 (High University Level )

Athletes registered on the High-Level list (Elite-Senior-Relative-Reconversion), as determined by the Minister of Sports;
Athletes registered on the list of " Young hopefuls " or " national teams ", as determined by the Minister of Sports;
Athletes registered on the list of training partners approved by the Minister of Sports;
Athletes who are not on the ministerial lists and who belong to training structures approved by the Ministry of Sports (Pôle France, Pôle France Jeunes, Pôle Espoir);
Athletes belonging to a training center of a professional club and benefiting from a training agreement provided for in Article L. 211-5 of the Sports Code;
Judges and referees registered on the high level list established by the Ministry of Sports.

2.    Status Level 2 (Good University Level)

Promotion of the FFSU French Championships (individual title and podium possibly depending on the representativeness of the championship);
Sports project with strong investment (+10h/week with a minimum sports level, see criteria below).
Athletes under contract with a club playing in a professional league, for whom an adjustment of schooling is essential to the pursuit of their dual project with regard to the constraints of twice-daily training and the match schedule.
According to the 2022-2024 framework agreement, signed on April 4, 2022, it is the operational council that statutes on the eligibility of university good-level athletes. (SBN)

The criteria below are given as an indication and will not by themselves allow the SBN to be obtained. Other elements will be taken into account such as the school or university level, the weekly training volume, the motivation and the investment during FFSU competitions.

Only the competent commission is sovereign to validate or not your entry in the system. Sports not listed may be considered by the committee.