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The Charter of Student Associations

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The purpose of this charter for student associations recognized by the institution is to contribute to the development of associative life, while respecting the principle of neutrality in public service and public order.

Through this document, the University of Orléans intends to demonstrate its interest in student associations and the importance of their dynamism. Civic and community involvement are at the very heart of the university's student life plan (SDVE), as well as its educational project: in particular, they stimulate a culture of debate and intellectual engagement, while training students in project management and teamwork.

The charter sets out the rules of good conduct in the general interest, and specifies the principles and procedures governing the granting of material and financial aid by the university.

To be recognized, the 1901 law-type association must sign the present charter at the start of each academic year, and include a majority of students enrolled at the University of Orléans among its members and officers. In addition, the president of the association must be a student at the University of Orléans.


The charter also sets out the imperatives of associative ethics.

An association signing the charter is committed to acting with respect for human dignity, public order and secularism. Any sexist, discriminatory or racist practices or attitudes, as well as religious proselytizing, are therefore prohibited.

The signatory association undertakes to promote the values of the University, in particular respect for pluralism, the fight against discrimination in all its forms, the promotion of equality between women and men, and the fight against sexual and gender-based violence.

Lastly, the association must not engage in any profit-making activity, and any sale on university property requires the prior agreement of the University Presidency, after written application to the faculty concerned by the event.