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Studying Outside Europe

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Leaving outside Europe: find everything you need to know by reading the Guide for Exchanges Outside Europe!

Academic Recognition

By leaving on exchange programmes you will take courses equivalent to your French programme, in the language of the country or in English, you will sit your exams there, obtain marks that will be validated and taken into account to obtain your French diploma according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), or a double diploma depending on which programme you are participating.

How to apply ?

Whatever your project is, you must start preparing your stay at least a year before.
Get informed about the existing exchange programmes and go to the International Relations Department (DRI) to find out more.

The DRI has a data base on partner institutions as well as reports of students who left in previous years. You can consult them on site.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to visit : or to get plenty of information.

Keep your eyes open! The first information meetings are held in October! Don't forget to participate in the Journées de la Mobilité Internationale (International Mobility Days) in mid-October!

Online application for 2022-23 mobilities available soon.

Find everything you need to know about exchanges outside Europe by reading the Guide 2022-23.

Any questions? Contact