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And after?

Here are a few examples of possible careers after completing a bachelor's degree in business management and administration

Collaborator in accounting firms, accountant, deputy management controller, management assistant for SME, back office manager in the banking sector, human resources assistant, recruiting manager assistant, personnel manager services, training course manager...

Possible further studies

Master's degree
Examples at the University of Orléans:
- Economy, management

- Corporate management and administrations

- Finance, accounting, management control

- Social law, human resources management

Degrees in chartered accounting : DCG, DSCG, DEC

Business schools

Institute of Business Administration
About 30 business schools in France members if "the conférence des grandes écoles"

35 IBA, 1,000 training courses in 14 different fields of management and accounting

Discover the testimony of Thomas, former GEA student (in french)