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CELENE Cafés Are Back!

The Learning Lab relaunches its CELENE Cafés, a casual discussion time for teachers and BIATSS staff members of the University in order to answer their questions on the CELENE platform.

A first CELENE Café will take place at the end of October 2022, in the LLSH College, animated by Magali Mairand (Educational Engineer on CELENE) and Guillaume Enguehard (LLSH Point of Contact for Education and Digital Technology).

See the calendar to know the dates of the next CELENE Cafés. 

Do you think this concept may be interesting for your College/school ? Get in touch with your Point of Contact for Education and Digital Technology (RPN).




Educational Lunches / Educational and Digital Lunches
édagogiques / Les déjeuners pédagogiques et numériques

For an hour, we offer you to participate to a workshop around education to discuss about your practices, discover a tool or a digital resource.

Educational Lunches will be announced in the News section, where you will also find a link to register.



Do you have a question on CELENE? Do not hesitate to contact you CELENE Correspondent or your Point of Contact for Education and Digital Technology (RPN).

If you have other questions on education and digital technology, contact your RPN.



The network of audio-visual specialists in Colleges and schools also supports the Learning Lab. 

Do not hesitate to contact them for any question or request for audio-visual, multimedia and video conference needs.