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The Lightboard

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A new board to create educational videos!



A new arrival in the video studio located in LLSH!

We have recently acquired a Lightboard, or a luminous board (equipment bought within the framework of the Spectroscopy MOOC, with the FEDER).

This Lightboard is a glass board with a black or green background that enables you to write on it with adapted felt pens. This equipment lets you record educational videos naturally while facing your viewers. 


The Advantages of the Lightboard

  • Very easy to use: writing on the Lightboard is like writing on a traditional white board;
  • The camera is facing you, so you can write and comment while facing your viewers;
  • Filming you while writing lets you match your words with actions and interactions;
  • Post-production is quick since the footage is turned over during the editing.

This board is available for all teachers of the University. 

Please contact the Learning Lab if you would like to use it:


Here is a video extract to illustrate: