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Whether you are a teacher, a researcher, a BIATSS employee, a student, a long-time partner or a guest for a few days, you will find here all the information on the digital services at your disposal.

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Dynamic chart of the digital tools and services of the University of Orléans

Find all the tools classified by themes: teaching, documenting, producing and broadcasting, communicating, collaborating and sharing…

Click on the bullet points to unroll the entire content.


CELENE: the University’s online courses platform, based on Moodle

You are new to CELENE? Do not hesitate to consul the following class:

Find other resources in the Teaching with CELENE category.

The Learning Lab regularly organises CELENE Cafés! Check our news for more info!


Microsoft Teams

  • Offers the possibility to work remotely as a team;
  • Enables simultaneous work with students;
  • Favours collaborative work.

Find the following courses on CELENE to help you:

A question about Teams? Do not hesitate to use the discussion forums (available for both classes mentioned above).

projet voltaire

Projet Voltaire: a remedial help in spelling completely individualised for all students who would want it. 

The University offers you to train at your own pace online thanks to the Projet Voltaire. The Projet Voltaire also offers a certificate, an in-class exam that delivers a certificate of level in spelling with a score that can be displayed on a resume.

More information here

logo UNT

The UNTs (Digital Thematic Universities) are free for use platforms for educational resources by field of study. They cover the subjects taught at the University. 

Here is the list of all the UNTs:

  • UNIT (Engineering Sciences and Technology)
  • UNISCIEL (Basic Sciences)
  • AUNEGE (Economics and Management)
  • UOH (Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages and Cultures)
  • UNJF (Legal and Political Sciences)
  • UVED (Environment and Sustainable Development)
  • UNESS (Health and Sport Sciences)
  • IUT online 

logo wooclap

Wooclap: an interactive tool to make your classes more dynamic, both in face-to-face and remote teaching

For 2 years, the University has been providing this interactive tool to its teachers in order to facilitate participation and interaction with students.

You can access Wooclap directly from CELENE (add an activity or a resource > Wooclap) or you can go directly through their platform (by logging in as a teacher from the University of Orléans).

logo compilatio

Compilatio: a software specialized in plagiarism detection

2 possible ways to use it:

  • Via the module for submitting a homework in a CELENE course;
  • Via the URL (more configurations available).

logo fun


More than 600 MOOC at your disposal (for both students and teachers) on various themes!