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Access certified resources to prepare you courses or your works, to revise and to train for your exams.

The University offers you tools and resources to help you work, improve your learning, revise, train… A training course when you arrive at the University will let you discover these tools a bit better:



Your online course platform based on Moodle.

The Digital Services and Collections of the University Libraries (BU)

Feel free to consult the University Libraries portal, there you will find information about:

  • Digital documents;
  • Some information on the reservations with Affluence.

logo UNT
The UNTs

The Thematic Digital Universities (UNTs) are platforms with disciplinary educational resources, free for use. They cover all fields studied at the University.

Here is the list of UNTs:

  • UNIT (Engineering and Technological Sciences)
  • UNISCIEL (Basic Sciences)
  • AUNEGE (Economics and Management)
  • UOH (Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages and Cultures)
  • UNJF (Legal and Political Sciences)
  • UVED (Environment and Sustainable Development)
  • UNESS (Health and Sport Sciences)
  • IUT online 
  • Canal U Video portal of the UNTs

logo fun


More than 600 MOOC at your disposal (for students and teachers) on various themes!


Capture d'écran du MOOC Le métier de l'étudiant
MOOC: The job of a student

This MOOC created by the University of Caen is for future students, their parents and the educational teams in high schools, but it is also useful for a new student. 

  • How to build a university project?
  • How to work and achieve success at the university?

These questions are richly exploited thanks to concrete examples in order to lift all your doubts and help you achieve a serene beginning of the year!

One session per yer: available on Fun MOOC