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This service offered by the learning lab is for all users of the University: students, teachers, administrative and technical staff members, doctorate students… 

Design and realization of:

  • Educational, scientific or cultural multimedia resources;
  • Video recording of symposiums, conferences, live events;
  • Video and audio media for communication purposes.

Depending on your request and your objective, we will guide you in the design of your project and in the media coverage of its content. We take charge of the production by mobilizing all technical and production means necessary. We own a multi-camera control room, lightweight equipment for reports and shots, a recording studio… We work in close collaboration with the network of audio-visual specialists in Colleges and schools.

Our productions are broadcast on the University’s YouTube channel.

Video Lab:

This service offers students and student associations, as well as all staff members, the possibility to be guided in the realization of their audio-visual projects. From writing to production, with the loan of shooting equipment, the support for post-production and broadcasting, we are here to help you carry out your ideas and projects. 

If you want to make a communication video for your professional or student project, for a video resume, or if you have any questions on the use of audio-visual tools, join the VideoLab!