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Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution of Forest Insects

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Team leader: Pr Géraldine Roux

University researchers:
Stéphanie Bankhead PhD (HDR), François Lieutier Pr, Géraldine Roux Pr, Aurélien Sallé PhD


Ewen Marchand

PhD student & post-doc:

Elodie Le Souchu, Loïs Veillat


The objective of our team is to study plant-insect interactions, the mechanisms of adaptation of the insect to the host plant, the resistance of insects to compounds synthesized by the plant (secondary metabolites)
1. Tree-insect interaction Study of the mechanisms of resistance and tolerance of trees to phytophagous insects and study of strategies for manipulation of the host and circumvention of resistance mechanisms by insects. Collaborations: INRAE in Orléans, INRAE in Nogent, IRBI in Tours, UMR 203 BIOEnviS INRAE in Lyon (Y. Rahbé), Forest Health Department (Ministry of Agriculture).
2. Study of genetics, biodiversity and the evolution of insect populations The objective is to understand and characterize the diversity and genetic structure of insect populations and to determine the species traits that determine plant-insect interactions. Overall to determine the biological characteristics that play a role in the adaptation of insects to a changing environment.


IRBI (Tours), INRAE (Orléans), INRAE (Nogent), UMR 5175 CNRS CEFE (Montpellier - L. Roy)