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An Ethical and Supportive School

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Polytech Orléans has been ISO 9001 certified since 2014 and is firmly committed to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.

A strong commitment to sustainable development

Polytech Orléans' Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility approach is organized into 5 strategic areas, for which a governance structure, action plan and indicators have been defined. The five main areas identified are:

  • Sustainable consumption and production: an inventory and monitoring of the production, collection and treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste will be carried out, with, for example, the introduction of a print flow management policy.
  • Education and training: as schools train tomorrow's decision-makers, they therefore have a duty to raise awareness and educate future leaders in sustainable development, whose behavior and decisions will influence the future of humanity.
  • Climate change and energy: the stated aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A carbon assessment of the school and its activities will be carried out, with the active involvement of engineering students and staff.
  • Sustainable transport and mobility: the school hosts a large number of student-engineers and staff on campus, whose travel needs to be taken into account in order to limit its environmental impact.
  • Governance: a sustainable development approach cannot be carried out on its own. It requires the support and participation of all stakeholders (engineering students, staff, external partners, local authorities, etc.). This implies strong leadership from management and clear and participative governance.

Dedicated to having a quality approach

Polytech Orléans has been ISO 9001 certified since 2014. This recognition by AFNOR Certification attests that the entire school is best organized to improve the satisfaction of its 1,000 students and its industrial, institutional and academic partners.

Logo ISO 9001

The work undertaken as part of the quality approach applied to the reception of the public should also enable the school to obtain the Marianne Certification Label.

Finally, the implementation of the quality approach also aims to place the school in the context of a sustainable environment (see paragraph above), particularly encouraged by the Orléans urban area and the network of Polytech schools.

Invested in gender equality

When it signed the Charter for Equality between Women and Men in French Higher Education, Polytech Orléans appointed a gender equality officer and made a firm commitment to gender equality. Effective actions have been implemented for both engineering students and staff, and we are constantly vigilant to ensure that these values of equality are respected.

Welcoming new students and staff

Every year, the school organizes a welcome ceremony for new students and their parents at the start of the new school year. The aim is to provide a friendly introduction to the school, its staff and facilities, as well as to the student associations run by the Student Office.

Partner of the French Institute for Civic Service

In association with the Institute for Civic Service, Polytech Orléans supports young people who have demonstrated their potential and motivation, offering them the opportunity to develop the skills they need to realize their future plans.

By taking part in an activity that embodies the values of commitment, the school not only helps high-potential students, but also enriches its teams (student engineers, teachers, researchers, administrative and technical staff) without compromising its commitment to excellence.

In tune with our users, both student-engineer and staff

Student engineers and staff spend a great deal of their time at the school. Human relations are therefore of the utmost importance at Polytech Orléans. Foreseeing the professional relationships encountered in the corporate world, the school constantly strives to maintain a working and living climate that is as serene as possible. Only in this way can it develop new projects and meet the international challenges of engineering training.

In concrete terms, informal meetings with the school director (entitled “Cause café”) are organized regularly with staff (once a month) and with students (once a term). Since its creation, the school has appointed a mediator to facilitate communication, re-establish relations and communicate grievances between users and management. The mediator is also the school's gender equality referent (see paragraph above).

Polytech Orléans is an active participant in the "Cordées de la réussite" program

The school participates in the "Cordées de la réussite" program organized by the Orléans-Tours education authority. This program aims to:

  • remove the psychological and cultural obstacles that can hold back students from modest families, leading them to censor themselves, even though they have the ability to enter sectors of excellence,
  • encourage them to take longer courses, such as preparatory classes for the Grandes Écoles, university courses or directly enter the Grandes Écoles.

The school's teachers and engineering students work with several local educational institutions. Presentations and visits take place in high schools and middle schools, and conversely, the school hosts high school and middle school students on presentation and visit days.


polytech cordée de la réussite

Committed to developing professional ethics

Each year, the school engages several teams of engineering students in the regional competition for the Promotion of Professional Ethics. The French Rotary districts and the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles organize this competition jointly. It encourages participants to reflect on the values to be implemented to build tomorrow's society. The school supports this event because it encourages students to think ethically as they prepare to enter the professional world.