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Master in Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility

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Polytech Orléans and ISAT have opened their co-accredited "Master in Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility" in September 2010. The master has been accredited by the French ministry of research and education for 5 years in September 2017, and is dedicated to international English speaking students fond of automotive products.



This two-year Master (3 semesters & 1 internship semester), totally taught in English, aims at preparing students for a professional career with a broad knowledge of automotive engineering adapted to the new trends (hybrid propulsion, electrical vehicle, fleet management...) while offering specialisations central to the industry & research to meet these requirements.



Polytech Orléans

Located in a large and open campus, Polytech Orléans is an engineering school that provides an extensive range of courses at degree and postgraduate level in the areas of engineering and technology. Polytech Orléans has acknowledged expertise in automotive topics such as new engine concepts, energy management, engine control, and external aerodynamics in partnership with leading car manufacturers and suppliers.


Set up near the Nevers/Magny-Cours F1 circuit (France), the student will visit & work on innovative projects with motorsport SMEs & big automotive manufacturing companies, consultant organisations as well as suppliers. Additionally, thanks to a close network of 4 Research Centres and 1 public-private laboratory, other career opportunities may be found as academic researchers.

Research laboratories



Outstanding achievement is required in the applicants for a First Degree, who must have an equivalent to a UK First Class in either of these bachelors' programmes:

  • mechanical engineering
  • automotive engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • electronics
  • computer science
  • physics


English proficiency
  • TOEFL 550
  • TOEIC 785
  • IBT TOEFL 80
  • IELTS 6.5


French proficiency
  • Not required as French as a foreign language is taught to all non-French speaking students.


Tuition fees
  • 5 750 euros/year


Application Procedure

For the 2024-2025 admission cycle, the recrutement campaign will be open from November 1st, 2023 to May 31 2024. Please, complete the application form, and contact : in case of any issues.




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