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Notable Equipment

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The major equipment used by the teaching and research staff of the school's laboratories is used for the practical training of engineering students.

S1 Wind tunnel “Lucien Malavard”

Image soufflerie

Polytech Orléans engineering students use the PRISME laboratory’s S1 wind tunnel for their 5th year projects and practical work on aerodynamic systems applied to the transport sector and environmental issues.


White room

Image salle blanche Polytech Orléans

A 100 m² class 10,000 clean room is available at GREMI and Polytech Orléans. There, engineering students carry out practical work and projects in micro and nanotechnologies and plasma processes.


Engine test stands

The PRISME laboratory's engine test stands are used by engineering students from Polytech Orléans and the "Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility" international master's program for practical work and projects to improve their knowledge of combustion, energy efficiency, pollutant formation and engine control.

Image moteur Polytech Orléans


Material preparation and heat treatment stands

Polytech polisseuse ICM

polishing machine

scie ICM


Polytech trempe ICM



HTC Virtual Reality Headset

R* Polytech simulateur soudure

Virtual reality can be used to teach future users how to work on equipment without risk.

The user learns efficiently and autonomously in a virtually generated situation. This brand-new object helps users to acquire autonomy. It is also particularly useful for teaching dangerous crafts. Indeed, virtual reality enables workers to train with their tools without suffering unfortunate consequences.


Computer rooms

Polytech Orléans provides over 12 self-service computer rooms used by the school's engineering students, who can benefit from 300 computers and their software for courses, projects and personal work.

WiFi wireless network access points are available throughout the school and on campus for connecting to the Internet from laptops, tablets or smartphones.



Polytech Orléans uses industrial and domestic robots to teach robotics.