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Engineering students at Polytech Orléans must experience, during their course at the school, a trip of at least 24 weeks abroad: internships (in companies or research laboratories) and study trips (for 1 or 2 semesters).

Leaving for a foreign country

Getting out of one’s comfort zone: a requirement to become a graduate engineer

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To obtain their engineering degree from Polytech Orléans, all of the school's engineering students must complete an international experience.

The duration of the trip varies according to the type of training. Students registered in formal education under the student scheme (FISE) or in continuing education (FC) must spend 24 weeks abroad. Students registered in apprenticeship programs must spend 12 weeks abroad.

Student engineers have full control over their mobility project. They can count on the support and guidance of their specialty teacher dedicated to international affairs, as well as the teams at Polytech Orléans' European and International Relations Office (BREI) and the International Relations Central Office (DRI) of the University of Orléans. 

Numerous possibilities are available for students who wish to travel abroad: wwoofing, internships, exchange study trips, dual-degree mobility, international volunteering in companies, humanitarian work…

Depending on their situation, engineering students may also be eligible for financial aid such as:
- The ERASMUS scholarship
-  MOBICENTRE, the grant from the Centre Val de Loire Region
- The PIF - Polytech International Funding 


- The BREI - European and International Relations Office of Polytech Orléans:

- Polytech Orléans Admissions office: