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Ammonia for valuable clean energy systems

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CONSORTIUM : Ammonia for valuable clean energy systems, 1st meeting

first meeting : ammonia valuable clean energy systems

Date -
Heure 09h00 - 17h00



Hydrogen is often considered as a good candidate for chemical storage but actually suffers from some drawbacks such as the storage complexity, the safety and the cost. Ammonia, which can be considered as a ‘mere’ hydrogen carrier  has some advantages over hydrogen as its lower cost per unit of stored energy; its higher volumetric energy density; easier and more widespread production, Its liquid phase by compression to 0.9 MPa at atmospheric temperature; the well-established, reliable infrastructure already exists for both ammonia storage and distribution (including pipeline, rail, road, ship).

This consortium project has 3 different objectives:

  • First to give the opportunity during these different stays of all partners to generate an intensive discussion about the main scientific locks still necessary to be studied before considering ammonia as fuel for stationary and unstationary energy systems and also to provide highly accurate models to help industrial design.
  • Second, this consortium will be one major part of an ITN project ‘GATO’, submitted for the next call of Horizon Europe (at the end of 2021), and coordinated by the applicant. Therefore, the help providing during this consortium program will be very fruitful to organize the proposal.
  • Third, during the second year, the first European workshop “Ammonia combustion workshop for zero carbon footprint of energy” will be organized in Orléans to favor the meet of academics and industrial partners about ammonia as green energy carrier in combustion systems. It will be also a major asset for the recognition of the academic partners from Orléans as well as Regional strategic roadmap 2020-2030 for the deployment of hydrogen in the Centre-Val de Loire, and also the competitiveness cluster S2E2 in energy management.