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Pierre BREQUIGNY obtained his mechanical engineering degree at INSA Rouen in 2011. He defended his PhD. in december 2014 with the following “Fuel influence on combustion in Spark-Ignition Engine- Flame Stretch Impact”. During that period, he carried an experimental study using various devices: combustion vessels, optical and metallic engines. After that he was hired as a postdoc to work on the samee topic on the numerical side at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Pierre BREQUIGNY is now an associate professor, working at University of Orléans since september 2015.
He is teaching for engineering student at Polytech Orleans in thermodynamics basics, aircraft and rocket propulsion, and lab sessions on engine test benches.
He is researcher in PRISME Laboratory in the Energy, Combustion, Engine group. His research focuses on the combustion properties of low-carbon fuels for energy converters: internal combustion engines or gas turbines.
He is in charge of one experimental platform for the measurment of premixed laminar and turbulent flame speeds.

Thèmes de recherche

Studying low or zero carbon fuels : from fundamental combustion properties towards engine use:

  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen
  • Biomass gaseous fuels : syngas and biogas
  • and their blends