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Orléans Institute of Economics

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Training Institute connected with Orléans Economics Laboratory (LEO, FRE CNRS 2014)

Director : Gilbert Colletaz
Deputy director responsible for the Bachelor’s Degree: Sébastien Ringuedé
Deputy director responsible for the European path: Isabelle Rabaud
Head of administration : Solange Siegwald
Orléans Institute of Economics revolves around three themes on three different levels.
These three themes are:
  • la Finance, especially market finance and financial intermediation, that is financial markets as well as banks and insurance companies
  • l'Econometrics, that is the application of mathematical statistics (statistical tests) to economics
  • l'International Economics, that is the analysis of trade, migration and international investment, as well as the study of sustainable development and globalisation. It enables students to acquire key economic concepts and econometric tools applied to international economic issues.

These three themes are in three courses of the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management (main subject: economics); finance, econometrics, and international economics.

They continue as three Master’s Degrees in Economics::

  • le Master’s Degree in Currency, Banking, Finance and Insurance - course Banking, Finance and Insurance (BFA) and course Professionals Advisor (CCPro) apprenticeship
  • le Master’s Degree in Econometrics, Statistics - Econometrics and Applied Statistics (ESA)
  • le Master’s Degree in International Economics

They correspond to three teams of Orléans Economics Laboratory (FRE2014):

  • Macroeconomics and Finance team
  • Econometrics team
  • International Economics and Sustainable Development team

Orléans Institute of Economics Master’s Degrees have both a research unit and a professionalised unit, lean on LEO (FRE2014) teams, and they welcome students from the corresponding courses of the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management.

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