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The Bourges Faculty of Law is a branch of the College of Law, Economics and Management of the University of Orléans. This delocalised university structure was created in 1993 and allows to prepare a Brachelor’s degree in law, specialised in general law. Students who achieve this higher education degree can then enter many master’s degree programmes, both in public or private law, in particular those offered by the University of Orléans. 


Located in the heart of neighbourhood benefitting from a strong revival, which welcomes a business incubator among others, this structure offers quality human and material means to its students: new and perfectly equipped buildings, a dedicated university library, an efficient language laboratory. The educational team is composed of University Professors and Associate Professors from the University of Orléans, as well as professionals, including some former students from Bourges. Students thus benefit from a university training identical to the one in Orléans. 


In addition, with the aim to offer students a true university life while creating solid bonds between the University and the local legal world, the site’s life is interspersed with conferences, in association with the Pothier Legal Research Centre (“Centre de recherches juridiques Pothier”). The Cujas lecture hall is systematically full to listen to teacher-researchers, magistrates and lawyers on topics as varied as criminal procedure and fundamental rights, employer liability and fundamental rights at the frontiers of life.


Registering in law at Bourges allows you to study in the heart of a city with a prestigious legal past. Marked by the influence of famous legal practitioners such as Alciat or Cujas, who succeeded in making the School of Bourges shine throughout Europe, the teaching of law in Bourges currently rests upon solid foundations, which allow us to look to the future with optimism and serenity.