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André Alciat Library

Address: Faculté de droit, Technopôle Lahitolle, Salle d'Armes, 9 rue Michel Marest, 18000 Bourges
Hours: 1:30 – 6:30 pm on Mondays, 9 – 12am / 12:45 – 6:30pm Tuesdays through Fridays (contact the library directly for closing periods)
Summer Holidays: August
Phone: 02 48 27 27 36

Borrowing conditions: 5 books for 10 days (textbooks, codes and reviews except for legal reviews are to be read on the premises) or for 28 days (novels). The borrowing period is renewable once in a row.

Download the Library Guide for Law students in Bourges below (in French):

Catalogue of the Alciat Library:
Catalogue of the Orléans University Libraries:


Documentary fund

The documentary fund of the André Alciat Library is specialised in law. There are also many books in economy, history, geography, political science, mathematics, accounting, preparation for competitive exams… The library offers more than 13,000 books, numerous databases and about 60 newspapers and reviews. A photocopier is available for use. 


The André Alciat Library is part of a network with the city libraries of Bourges (multimedia library, Quatre-Piliers specialised library, additional libraries of Gibjoncs and Val d'Auron, and the libraries of the museums of Bourges). Its catalogue is dematerialised and consultable from all parts of the network. It is possible to give back to the Alicat library documents that were borrowed in these other libraries, and to give back in these libraries documents that were borrowed in the Alciat library. The library is also working is close partnership with the University Libraries of Orléans.

As a branch of the Orléans University Library of Law, which gives it precious support, and as a true tool at the service of law students and other students who might need legal elements at some point in their cursus, the library plays a crucial part in the success of a legal practitioner’s studies. At the beginning of the university year, the emphasis is put on the importance of documentary research and a careful educational help is given to each new student.