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How to find student accommodation in Châteauroux?

Who is it for?

All students, whether they have a scholarship or not.

Priority for accommodation is given to students under 28 with scholarships whose families do not live in the area where they are studying. The criteria takes into account the student's income (or that of their parents) and the geographical distance.

What is it?

There are different types of accommodation within student residences:

  • Rooms and studios granting you a right to the ALS (social housing allowance): furnished rooms between 9 and 16 m2 with a shared kitchen and individual sanitary facilities.
  • Apartments granting you a right to the APL (personal housing allowance): T1 (1 room with 1 bed), T1 bis (1 room with 2 beds), T2 (2 separate rooms) and T3 (3 separate bedrooms) including a kitchenette and individual sanitary facilities. 
  • Advantages: CROUS accommodation means + offers, + services and + proximity

Student residences (in Châteauroux city centre)

                 4 rue Saint Luc
                 36000 Châteauroux
                 phone: 02 54 22 95 06
                 fax: 02 54 60 19 38

                 4 rue des Etats-Unis
                 36000 Châteauroux
                 phone: 02 54 22 95 06
                 fax: 02 54 60 19 38

Housing Aid

Are you renting an accommodation from a private individual, in dormitory or in a student accommodation? To help you pay your rent, the CAF (benefits office) offers various types of aid:

  • The personal housing allowance (APL)
    If you live in a new or old accomodation that is subject to an agreement between the State and the owner (to find out, ask the owner), you may be entitled to the APL. It is paid to the owner, who deducts it from the rent. Students living in CROUS subsidised residences (T1, T1bis, T2 or T3) are eligible.
  • The social housing allowance (ALS)
    If you are not eligible to the APL, you may benefit from the social housing allowance. It is paid to the claimant or possibly to the owner under certain conditions. For students living in traditional student residences (rooms and studios), applications will be transmitted with the admission file.


For more information, see the CROUS website