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Polytech Orléans engineering faculty

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An hour from Paris, within the wooded campus of the University of Orleans, 20 minutes from downtown, Polytech Orleans is an accredited faculty of public engineering.

Thanks to a high-level research environment, Polytech Orléans offers quality education, at the cutting edge of new technologies.

Polytech Orléans is accessible directly at the L1 level by its:

then offers 7 engineering specialties (L3 to M2 level) that cover in three years most major scientific fields:

  1. Civil and geo-environment engineering
  2. Physics and embedded systems engineering
  3. Technologies engineering for energy, aerospace and motorization
  4. Innovation engineering in mechanical design and materials
  5. Industrial engineering, applied to cosmetics, pharmaceutical and agrofood, à Chartres
  6. Production management engineering, through apprenticeship, partnership with ITII Centre-Val de Loire
  7. Smart building engineering, through apprenticeship, partnership with ITII Centre-Val de Loire


The high-level expertise of Polytech Orléans engineers and their immediate operationality make them highly sought-after candidates by companies. 80% of them get their first job within two months of completing their studies.


7 reasons to join Polytech Orleans:

A 5-year training

The two years of integrated career, after a Bac S/STI2D, offer a place in one of the 83 engineering specialties of the Polytech group.

The training takes place on the premises of the school, it is an opportunity, in a working atmosphere comparable to that of the high school, to refine his professional choices by constantly exchanging with the students of the engineering cycle.

Polytech Orléans is very involved in the issue of sustainable development, and this concern is reflected in all specialties. The school is also committed to the concepts of equality of opportunity and ethics.

An exceptional setting

An hour from Paris, in the wooded campus of the University of Orleans (The French Oxford), 20 minutes from the city centre, the school offers a pleasant working environment (recent buildings, scientific facilities and a rare living environment (numerous and affordable public and private housing: Orleans was ranked the 3rd cheapest university city in 2015).

International on a daily basis

Resolutely committed to the international, Polytech Orleans accompanies its engineering students to integrate a significant experience abroad during their studies. The school also welcomes students of many nationalities who come to take all or part of the training. These provisions promote cultural and linguistic exchanges, and prepare engineers who wish to move towards international careers.

A rich student life

Polytech Orleans engineering students develop the engineering skills by participating in extracurricular activities organized in the school, engaging in the associative, sports or cultural activities of the 50 associations coordinated by the Student Bureau. The graduates of the school keep in touch thanks to the Association of Alumni ViaPolytech.

Scientific excellence

The engineering faculty offers a multi-skills course open to the world. The teaching, which is polytechnic in nature, is provided mainly by teacher-researchers from internationally renowned laboratories. Thus, Polytech Orleans engineers acquire a high scientific level, while developing their ability to innovate and undertake.

The company at the heart of the school

Throughout their training, polytech Orleans engineering students carry out projects and internships in partner companies. The internships take place at the end of the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th year, totaling a minimum of 33 weeks.

A diversified training offer

In addition to the engineering degree, it is possible to prepare a master's degree in science or business administration. Similarly, the school proposes to complete the engineering training by following a master's degree : Creating innovative and socially responsible companies.