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The SEFCO is now Datadocked!


The decree of 30 June 2015 on the quality of continuing professional training defines 6 criteria allowing to guarantee the quality of training actions. 

The shared platform Datadock is a unique database on professional training that helps professional training sponsors to check the compliance of training organisms with the 6 quality criteria defined by the Law.

The SEFCO is Datadocked! Which allows to check the full compliance of our training programmes with the quality criteria of continuing education:

  • Criterion 1: the precise identification of the training’s objectives and its adaptation to the trained public;
  • Criterion 2: the adaptation of the educational follow up and of the assessment to the learners;
  • Criterion 3: the adequacy of the teaching, technical and supervisory resources;
  • Criterion 4: the professional qualification and continuous training of the providers;
  • Criterion 5: the conditions of public information on the training offer, its access periods and the results obtained;
  • Criterion 6: the taking into account of learners' feedback.