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Apprenticeship Contract

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Choose apprenticeship for your studies!

The University of Orléans offers many training courses in apprenticeship (BUT, professional degree, master’s degree, and engineering degree) via the CFA (Apprenticeship Training Centre) for Universities in the Centre-Val de Loire Region or one of our partner CFAs (CFPB, ITII, AFI24, IFRIA, CFA-ACE).

To carry out his or her studies in apprenticeship, the apprentice must:

  • Be up to 29 years of age on the date the apprenticeship contract begins. There are several possible exceptions to the age limit;
  • Be of French or foreign nationality (on condition, for EU nationals, of having a valid residence permit and, for non-EU nationals, of having a work permit);
  • Be admitted to the university recruitment stages;
  • Sign an apprenticeship contract with an employer (from the private or the public sector).

The apprenticeship contract is an employment contract depending on private law, which can be entered temporary (CDD of 1 to 3 years) or permanently (CDI).

The apprentice receives a monthly salary, even during his or her training periods at the University. 


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The CFA for Industry: ITII

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The CFA for Chemistry: AFI24

The CFA for the Food Industry: IFRIA