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Calendrier des ATHENA Talks 2022-2023!


Chaque vendredi à 10h00, assistez aux ATHENA Talks et écoutez des chercheurs présenter leur recherche. Les Talks sont en anglais et le thème ainsi que l'orateur·trice changent chaque semaine.

Les Talks 2022-2023 sont maintenant terminés.

The ATHENA Sci-Café Colloquial Talks. En dessous, The ATHENA Colloquial Talks in Science starts its activities on the 14th of October. Every Friday at 10:00 CET in Zoom.


Friday 14 October at 10am (CET) Prof. Michael Graetzel (EPFL, Switzerland) The genesis of molecular photovoltaics and perovskite solar cells.
Friday 21 October at 10am (CET) Prof. Mario Agio (University of Siegen, Germany) Ultrafast quantum nano-optics.
Wednesday 2 November at 11am (CET) Ms. Erica Bol (Joint Research Center of the European Commission) Competence framework for Policy Makers including Futures Literacy
Friday 4 November at 10am (CET) Prof. Andrea C. Ferrari (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom) Layered Materials : Characterization and Applications
Wednesday 9 November at 10am (CET) Prof. George Kavoulakis A Brief Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Friday 18 November at 10am (CET) Prof. Jovana Milic (University of Fribourg, Switzerland) Supramolecular Strategies in Hybrid Perovskite Photovoltaics.
Friday 2 December at 10am (CET) Prof. Kevin Sivula (EPFL, Switzerland) Semiconductor photoelectrodes and photocatalysts for solar-driven water splitting.
Thursday 8 December at 10am (CET) Mr. Omar Gamal (University of Siegen, Germany) International Sign Everywhere: Towards Internationalisation of Education and International Mobility of Deaf Students
Friday 9 December at 10am (CET) Prof. Emmanuel Kymakis (HMU, Greece) Perovskite Photovoltaics enabled by 2D materials take to the field
Wednesday 14 December at 10am (CET) Prof Hossam El Nazer ​ (National Research Center, Egypt) Design and implementation of advanced water treatment and desalination system and advanced studies on photocatalytic activity of hybrid nanomaterials for different environmental applications.
Friday 16 December at 10am (CET) Prof. Maria Kafesaki (University of Crete, Greece) Dynamic electromagnetic wave control with software-controllable reconfigurable metasurfaces.
Friday 13 January at 10am (CET) Prof. Volkan Demir (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore & Bilkent University, Turkey) Semiconductor Nanocrystal Optoelectronics for Lighting and Displays: Pushing the Limits, Breaking Records.
Friday 27 January at 10am (CET) Dr. Veronica Salgueiriño (UVIGO, Spain) Taking advantage of the magnetic functionality of nanostructures with induced movement
Friday 10 February at 10am (CET) Dr. Sebastien Le Pape (École Polytechnique (IP Paris)) Ignition a dream that came true, a brief history of the ICF program at LLNL.
Friday 24 February at 10am (CET) Nazila Kamaly (Imperial College London, United Kingdom) Stimuli-responsive nanogels: a versatile drug delivery platform.
Friday 3 march at 10am (CET) Prof. Christoph Brabec (Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany) Accelerating emerging PV technologies.
Friday 17 March at 10am (CET) Dr. Diogo Ribeiro & Dr. Ricardo Santos (Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal) Remote inspection of civil infrastructures based on Unmanned Aerial Systems and Artificial Intelligence.
Friday 7 April at 10am (CET) Prof. Zoran Ren (University of Maribor, Slovenia) HPC RIVR project to establish a National supercomputer center in Maribor, Slovenia
Friday 28 April at 10am (CET) Prof. George Siviloglou (SUSTech, China) Quantum Optics in cold atomic gases
Friday 12 May at 10am (CET) Dr. Antonio Agresti (Tor Vegata, Italy) 2D Materials in tandem perovskite/Si Technology
Friday 9 June at 10am (CET) Dr. Monika Maciuliene (VGTU, Lithuania) Citizen Science in Lithuania: does our science and innovation ecosystem anticipate the input of citizens?
Friday 23 June at 2pm (CET) Dr. Michael Jungmeier & Dr. Vanessa Berger (CUAS, Austria) Biodiversity as key driver for innovation - Recent Advances in BioDivTecs
Friday 30 June at 10am (CET) Dr. Elisabeth Ströckl (CUAS, Austria) Gamification as a motivating factor for sustainable (e)health promotion
Monday 3 July at 11am (CET) Dr. Joanna Paczkowska (Jagiellonian University, Poland) Science meets art: time for dualism to be abandoned
Friday 7 July at 10am (CET) Prof. Xavier Mateos Ferre (University of Tarragona, Spain) Structured Materials for Micro Lasers at 2 microns
Friday 14 July at 10am (CET) Dr. Thierry Dudok de Wit (University of Orleans, France) Mankind's first visit to a star: the Parker Solar Probe mission


Si vous n'avez pas pu assister aux ATHENA Talks, vous pourrez regarder les vidéos une fois les enregistrements publiés.