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Azadeh Valinattaj Omran

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Postdoctoral Researcher

GREMI, Groupe de Recherches sur l'Energétique des Milieux Ionisés
UMR7344, CNRS/Université d'Orléans
14 rue d'Issoudun, BP 6744
45067 Orléans Cedex 2, France

02 38 49 43 31


Main interests / Scientific Activities

  • Atmospheric pressure plasma sources
  • Plasma diagnostics
  • Plasma Medicine
  • Surface modification
  • Thin film deposition


  • Plasma source development
  • Optical and electrical characterization of plasma
  • Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
  • Surface characterization (FTIR, SEM, AFM, XPS,…)
  • Rheology of soft materials



Thin film deposition using PECVD and Rheology of soft material
LISE, Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC, France) and INSERM, L’Hopital Lariboisière (UMR-INSERM-Paris 7 U965, France)


Ph.D. Physics
Characterization and the study of the behavior of transporting cold plasmas in dielectric capillary tubes and their applications
LISE, Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC, France) and Plasma laboratory, University of Mazandaran (Iran) 


M.Sc. Physics
Investigation of spectral changes of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and their produced species in an afterglow plasma on streptococcus pyogenes bacteria
University of Mazandaran (Iran)


B.Sc. Physics
University of Mazandaran (Iran)



Lecturer in Physics and Optic
University of Mazandaran (Iran)


Research Assistant
Plasma laboratory, University of Mazandaran (Iran)

My 5 main publications

  1. Atmospheric pressure surface modification and cross‐linking of UHMWPE film and inside HDPE tube by transporting discharge
    Valinataj Omran, A., Baitukha, A., Pulpytel, J., Sohbatzadeh, F., & Arefi‐Khonsari, F.
    Plasma Processes and Polymers (2017)
  2. Single channel atmospheric pressure transporting plasma and plasma stream demultiplexing: physical characterization and application to E. coli bacteria inactivation
    Valinataj Omran, A., Sohbatzadeh, F., Siadati, S., Colagar, A. H., Akishev, Y., & Arefi-Khonsari, F.
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2017)
  3. DC superimposed AC high voltage: A new strategy for transferring stable He atmospheric pressure cold plasma bullets through long dielectric tubes
    Siadati, S. N., Sohbatzadeh, F., & Valinataj Omran, A.
    Physics of Plasmas, 24(6), 063521 (2017)
  4. The effect of voltage waveform and tube diameter on transporting cold plasma strings through a flexible dielectric tube
    Sohbatzadeh, F., & Valinataj Omran, A.
    Physics of Plasmas, 21(11), 113510 (2014)
  5. Nonthermal atmospheric argon plasma jet effects on Escherichia coli biomacromolecules
    Colagar, A. H., Memariani, H., Sohbatzadeh, F., & Valinataj Omran, A.
    Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 171(7), 1617-1629 (2013)

Publications at GREMI (since 2017)

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