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LLA2B1B - Compréhension et expression orales anglais

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 Compréhension et expression orales anglais

This part of the module (Compréhension orale) aims to provide students with further op- portunities for listening effectively for gist and detail at a level which is appropriate. Stu- dents will be exposed to a variety of authentic material in order to become familiarized with different register, accents and pronunciation. Students will be expected to answer comprehension questions about a given audio document, either orally or written, individually or in groups. Students will continue working towards taking effective notes based on what has been heard and will begin to summarize (either orally or in note form) what they have heard. Students should be able to understand the gist or the main points of a range of speech, including short narratives and be able to extract specific information from a wide range of familiar language.
This other part (Expression orale) aims to provide students with further opportunities to speak and interact through practicing their use of language in a number of communicative activities organized by the ‘lecteurs’ using a variety of language functions and vocabulary according to situation, topic and task in a context appropriate for their level.
The module will continue work done in conjunction with pronunciation teaching in order to enhance students’ intelligibility and build on skills acquired in the first semester. Students will begin to focus on intonation, rhythm and word stress to allow them to communicate more effectively and to be more easily understood. Students should be able to initiate and sustain an unprompted conversation on a familiar topic which contains an unpredictable element.