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The IAE France Network

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The IAE France label

The French public reference in management.

Being responsible. Believing in equal opportunities. Knowing the meaning of effort. Aiming for excellence. IAE France is the link carrying these values common to all IAEs.

IAEs constitute a unique model among French universities by combining the academic excellence of training courses with professionalization:

  • Regulated vocational guidance process
  • Social climbing 
  • Adapted workforce for each year group
  • Grouped supervision
  • Rich and varied programmes
  • Proximity with companies
  • Professionalization internships
  • Opening on the international scene with a recognized institutional format
    • The driving force of research
    • The university rigor


United we stand

The biggest French community in Management Sciences.

The IAE France community gathers a great variety of profiles: students, teacher-researchers, staff members, directors, managers, recruiters, partner companies, post-graduates… Everyone has a role to play for the development of this great and powerful community. 

Each member of the community feels the pride of being part of an IAE, IAE France unites beyond diversities and draws strength from them.

IAE France is…

  • 37 University Schools of Management
  • 53,000 students
  • 30 courses in management
  • 1,200 teacher-researchers
  • 1,000 administrative staff members
  • 1,400 international partnerships
  • 35,000 partner businesses
  • 500,000 graduates
  • 7,800 professional participants

Sharing the IAE Spirit

Having the IAE spirit means being an optimist, curious and respectful manager and a high-performance creator.

IAEs share a common DNA and offer the advantages of both schools and universities. The originality of this unique model inspires a different approach of management: responsible and committed. Members of the IAE France community gather around their will to create businesses. 

However, beyond their successes, they keep questioning their environment, adapting to it and reinventing their practices. Mindful of their responsibilities, their vision goes beyond the company's framework and permeates society. The principle of equal opportunity is thus implemented on a daily basis, to enable everyone to develop their potential and enter the job market under optimal conditions.

Where to Find IAE France

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