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Following my training in Product and Innovative Solutions Marketing at the IAE Orléans, I am currently working as Product Manager/Buyer at a large hardware store. The training has given me real knowledge in the field of products and services. Knowing to anticipate, foresee, analyse the various aspects of a market, of a product, or of the consumers’ desires is crucial nowadays. 

The course trains us to all of it while making us practice using concrete cases, group work, and pushes us to train with companies thanks to its work-study programme. Being able to apply academic learning in a professional environment, with all its competitive complexity, is a real asset of this degree. We are trained on the creation and conceptualisation of a marketing strategy, which allows us to be ready after the end of our studies. This is the true strength of this training, what makes it a renowned degree. 


Valentin LUROIS 



The MPSI Master’s Degree allowed me to acquire a state of mind and a working methodology thanks to the richness and the quality of its courses, taught by both university teachers and experts in their professional fields. I mainly retain: 

-    The University projects that allowed to work in groups, which serves me in my everyday lif to carry out projects;

-    The possibility to carry out the second year in work-study, which is a true opportunity that helped me to be hired at the end of my apprenticeship. It is a real non-negligible competitive advantage offered by the IAE of Orléans. It also allows you to develop your network: an essential element.

I am currently working as Strategic Marketing Expert at the Crédit Agricole Centre Loire. It mainly consists in developing our knowledge of our territory and markets in which we operate. These analyses combined with the knowledge of our customers provide the necessary insights to develop coherent strategies. Today, I coordinate projects, particularly on the pricing policy and dematerialisation of the regional office in relation with a number of departments (banking, communication, targeting,...).

I recommend this high quality training that links university projects that can be adapted to the professional world, and a integration facilitated thanks to work-study programmes while developing your network.