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IAE Orléans Alumni

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Dear graduates and future graduates,

We are proud to announce the creation of the new association dedicated to the community of graduates and students of the IAE Orléans. 

In a strongly collaborative and united approach towards the community of alumni, we wish to develop and make our members benefit from the STRENGTH of the alumni NETWORK. It is with you and for you that we will be able to carry out networking actions, thematic conferences and events that bring us together and make us grow.

Our ambition is simple and focused on action:

Proud representatives of the IAE Orléans graduates, we would like above all to implement and animate a community at the service of each individual.

We wish to take advantage of the IAE's reputation; make the IAE Orléans shine by highlighting the successes of alumni but also by promoting the solidarity between members.

To simply make actions for and with this network!

We thus invite you to visit our website: IAE Orléans Alumni

Do not hesitate to contact us via email:

The members of the association’s board.

The IAE Orléans Alumni Board Is Listening to Your Needs

The board is composed of former and current IAE students who use their time, happiness and goodwill to animate the alumni community.

Our Ambition: To Act

As proud representatives of the IAE Orléans, we wish to create and animate a community at the service of all.

Therefore, our objective is to take advantage of the IAE’s reputation to make the one of Orléans shine.

To do so, we want to highlight the successes of former students while showing the existing solidarity between our members.

Why Join?

As a graduate, you will have the right to:

  • Participate to events for free;
  • Benefit from the support of the associate in case of a professional or personal project;
  • Benefit from the support of the associate in case of a professional or personal project.

As a student of the IAE of Orléans, your membership is free!

Linkedin : IAE Orléans Alumni