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QUALICERT Certification

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The Qualicert frame of reference designed jointly by the SGS Company, the IAE network and the Ministry of Higher Education is a true support for performance.

Through the IAE network, we wanted to offer quality training courses to our students and to become  a reference in terms of quality among universities. Accordingly, the SGS Qualicert label helped us reach that objective. An audit is carried out every year. 

Contact: SGS ICS SAS 29, Avenue Aristide Briand 94111 Arcueil Cedex

Certified Characteristics

  • Formal and continuing education with a high added value
  • Skilled educational and administrative teams
  • A varied academic research activity
  • Teaching methods specific to management sciences
  • Networks and partnerships with the social and economic world
  • An international openness
  • Training courses implemented in an intellectually and culturally stimulating context
  • Trustworthy information for students and businesses
  • A continuous improvement of quality

Service Certificate Repository: RE/IAE created at IAE France’s request

Certification beneficiary:

IAE Orléans, UFR Droit, Economie et Gestion

11, rue de Blois BP 26739

45067 Orléans Cedex 2


QUALICERT Point of contact Marjorie Sezeur:

For any request: