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IAE Orléans

The Director’s Word


Our team includes more than 150 professionals (teacher-researchers, expert practitioners, functional departments) at the service of higher studies up to baccalaureate + 8. The IAE Orléans is for general high school graduates who are motivated by long studies (bac + 5 or + 8) and who want to build their training course gradually (general bachelor’s degrees with a progressive pre-specialisation to prepare the entrance in specialised master’s or doctorate degrees) through programmes integrated as soon as the first year. 

IAE Orléans is also for employees, job seekers, entrepreneurs, directors who choose a qualifying training to improve their knowledge on special themes or who wish to be guided in their career change or in the construction of their professional project. IAE Orléans has designed its training programmes in order to guarantee a proximity support adapted to several profiles: formal education, continuing education (in close collaboration with the SEFCO), work-study, European or international exchange programmes with complementary training courses in collaboration with the Polytech Engineering School or the College of Science and Technology (CoST) of Orléans.

Eric-Alain Zoukoua

Director of the IAE Orléans

Our Missions

The aim of our IAE is to offer students high-level professional programmes in the field of Management Sciences. These studies must allow those who follow them to occupy management positions afterwards. To do this, our team of teacher-researchers and professional contributors provide students with complete programmes that combine theory and practical application. Our main objective is to support you in the construction of your professional and personal project.

Our Values

Rigor: rigor allows us to mature from an early age. It with this in mind that we help each student to grow and more precisely to become the adult, the employee, the manager and even the director that he or she has always dreamed of being.

Diversity: diversity is our strength and develops our wealth. On the one hand, it echoes the range of training courses that we offer. On the other, it refers to the cultural mix of our students and teachers gathered in the University.

Excellence: if we aim for excellence, both in our training courses and in our support, it is to offer you every possible opportunity to ensure your success.

Respect: generally speaking, respect drives us to be better people. At IAE Orléans, it is the same. All forms of learning, whether they are in a work-study programme or not, are based on respecting others in the general interest of everyone.