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ROADS has been organised every year for 5 years by the students of the Master’s degree in Marketing, Sale – Events and Digital Communication (CED) of the IAE Orléans. Its purpose? To allow everyone to learn about, discover and enjoy urban culture in all its forms: sports, music, arts… The festival is now well anchored in the Loiret’s cultural scene, since the 5th edition of ROADS gathered more than 8k visitors! Find all the information on the next edition on ROADS’ website.

Orléans Vintage Festival

The Orléans Vintage Festival is the brainchild of students of the Master’s degree in Marketing, Sale – Events and Digital Communication (CED) of the IAE Orléans. Its purpose is to put the spotlight on vintage in all its forms. After a first 100% physical edition and a 100% digital second edition, OVF comes back for the 5th time in 2023. Find all the information on the next edition on the Orléans Vintage Festival’s website.


Participate to the educational contest of business creation entitled “Créa’Campus” and become aware of the entrepreneurial spirit by gaining experience with a fictitious creation project. This contest is organised by PEPITE Centre Val de Loire. This educational work is done step by step and aims to spark off the taste for entrepreneurship, to give a certain number of reference points, to create personal relationships between motivated students and company managers who will help you in this project.


Each year students from the IAE Orléans design and write two numbers of the internal newspaper for IAE students: they define the newspaper’s informational objectives, choose the subjects of each number then collect information, write and publish. The newspaper communicates on the actions/initiatives of students of the IAE; the events of the IAE year groups; student society actions; interviews with former IAE students or contributors. You can find all previous editions of L’INIMITABLE here.

Event Creation

Organise an Escape Game within Le Bouillon, the University’s cultural centre. 

Creative Contests

Students participate to projects or creative contests in marketing that can come from partner organisations or be chosen among a range of dedicated platforms (for instance eYeka or Agorize). They will respond to calls for brand projects: creation of logos, slogans, posters, TV ads, packaging, product concepts, brand names, etc. The students will develop their creative approach (both from a strategic and operational point of view) in a file submitted each semester.

Contribution to the Improvement and Development of the Lab’O

Students will work on the general strategy of the business incubator, services for residents, partnerships, innovation meetings, life in the Lab’O (with the COP, the Lab’O Operational Unit). One or two OVLT sponsors will follow the students regularly. 

Blood Donation

Organise blood collects on campus.

Bone Marrow Donation

Students of the IAE get involved in bone marrow donations; find their latest communication campaign here.

Travel Destination: “Tourisme Loiret”

In partnership with Tourisme Loiret, define the touristic challenges and issues on a marketing and communicational level. Do some marketing around the question of travel (important notion developed for cycle tourism and short stays, even though the definition of this duration is not identical for all players, etc.).

Communication of the IAE Orléans 

Develop the renown of the IAE Orléans via digital media and dedicated events.