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Our CSR Strategy

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The IAE Orléans aims at training students who are aware of the current environmental stakes and who will become active and responsible professionals and citizens, who are careful about the environmental, social and ethical consequences of their actions and their decisions. 

The CSR strategy of the IAE Orléans is supported by 3 essential axes:

  • Making students aware of their responsibilities regarding the ecological transition and encouraging their initiatives;
  • Promoting exchanges between teacher-researchers, professionals and stakeholders on the themes related to sustainable development;
  • Ensuring an organisational functioning that is compatible with the objectives of national and regional sustainable development.

Since 2020, several researchers of the IAE Orléans have been working of the GASPILAG (Food waste, prevention strategies, local and agricultural initiatives) regional project which aims to analyse the determinants of food waste prevention.

The University of Orléans has set concrete measures in an energy sobriety plan, which aims to reduce the costs of the institution’s energy bill. You can find all the initiatives on the University of Orléans’ dedicated page