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Days for Educational Innovation thanks to Digital Technology (JIPN) 2021

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The 2021 Edition of the JIPN was the opportunity to display the work of the LLUO in collaboration with the RPN network: the glossary of remote training. Available for reading and downloading here, this 24-pages document gives an overview of the lexicon for remote training and the educational practices that underlie it.

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This JIPN was also a good time to go back on the survey carried out by the LLUO on the experience feedback concerning the new educational practices in a COVID context. 

The survey revealed needs for training on the new tools, but also a true interest in the new practices that these tools enable, in particular CELENE or Wooclap. 

Even though the consensus is that face-to-face classes are irreplaceable, it seems that teachers admit the interest of hybrid classes as long as students are prepared for it. 

Download the survey below to read the results and the summary:


JIPN 2021