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The College of Science and Technology is a young academic division created from the gathering of the Science College and the Sports College in 2013.

Thanks to this youth, the College is particularly dynamic and original in its working process and the services it offers to students. 

With its 4,500 students welcomed on the sites of Orléans and Bourges, the College of Science and Technology (the largest division of the University in terms of student numbers) has been using the dynamism of Sports and the academism of Sciences, combining the culture of events with the culture of projects, and the culture of performance with the culture of research.

The College provides students in Science and Technology with an eclectic training offer (bachelor’s degrees, professional degrees and master’s degrees) taught throughout 6 disciplinary hubs: Biology-Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, IT, Physics, Sports

Master’s degrees in Robotics and Automation, and in Mechanics, as well as two University Diplomas (DU) in Shiatsu and Mental preparation applied to sports are completing this rich and varied training offer.