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Our training courses in science and technology are in line with local recruitment needs!

Etudiants et paysage de verdure


The Faculty’s attractive training offer, co-created with the players of the economic and industrial sectors, is a true strength for the territory. It answers efficiently and dynamically the needs of companies and the expectations of students. 

The research part of our training programmes has a powerful potential, as illustrated by the close collaborations between our partners and the 15 research laboratories. 

Ensuring the quality of public service and the well-being of students, but also encouraging and promoting innovation are our priorities for the years to come. 


Finally, the strategy of opening towards the economic sector with for instance the organisation of the Companies-Students Forum or the development of work-study programmes, such as international partnerships, allows us to prepare our students for their employability in each sector and boost relations with companies and partners.


The Faculty of Science and Technology welcomes you and offers trainings up to your ambition, where everyone will find a place.