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Le Service VIC: Valorisation, Communication, International (International & Erasmus Office)  
Tel: +33 238.492.532
Tel: +33 238.417.236
To contact us: use our contactform

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As a bridge, le Service VIC's aim  is to facilitate your mobility & integration from your place to our Campus!

Usefull documents


  • Factsheet: This form index all administrative information you may need for your mobility at the UFR CoST Sciences & Techniques
  • 1rst Administrative registration form 2019-2020
  • Your way from CDG’s airport to the Campus
  • Integration week calendar’s (will be available online in due course)
  • Academic calendar  for 2019-2020
  • Find yourself your own accomodation : see page 15 of our Flipbook for more advices
  • Youth Hotel (Auberge de Jeunesse) access & contact

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