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The VIC Service is in charge of Erasmus mobility (studies & internships) and internship trips towards International countries only. If you are Non-European and wish to apply for studies at the Faculty of Science and Technology, please contact our main international office.

To ensure you receive our best welcome & check-in, we highly advise you to plan your arrival during the dedicated welcome days.

What if ?....

Your arrival is during dedicated welcome days :


  • Depending on your arrival date and time, you can either check-in your student room or/and go directly at our dedicated welcome desk, located in the Faculty of Law, Economics & Management. We will guide you throughout mandatory administrative & educational steps.
  • You are here during Induction Week : Perfect ! This is the perfect time to get used to your new campus, complete all different administrative steps, meet new friends or contacts and share cultural and sports activities before the university term begins.


Your arrival is outside dedicated welcome days :


  • To help us prepare your arrival at the best, please inform us asap with your day and time of arrival. As far as possible we will do our best to welcome you personally.
  • Depending on your arrival date and time, you may ask the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) to guide you or pick you up at the train station or the tramway stop.
  • If you plan a late arrival, you may not get your student room’s key. Our receptionnist cannot do any check-in after 5PM. We strongly advise you to book a room for one night at the Youth Hostel (close by the campus) : see Contacts & Useful links and documents.


  • Here are the steps to follow :
  1. Housing / Welcome desk
  2. Registration/Administrative tasks such as : opening a bank account, purchasing a liability and housing insurance,etc.
  3. Get back to the VIC Service no later than 4 weeks after arrival with your definitive Learning agreement (signed by all professors).


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